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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I order a product without a login?

A: No. All orders need to be placed with a login. Please submit a Request an Account here if you are interested in purchasing from us.


Q: How long will I have to wait until I hear back about my registration request?

A: Registration requests take 1-2 business days to process.


Q: How do I sign into the account that I requested?

A: When your account is created you will receive an e-mail notification. The e-mail notification is generated from a "Do not reply" email address and might end up in your spam/junk folder instead of going to your email box. When the notification is received, you will need to navigate back to the snow parts portal:  The password reset function is found in sign in > forgot password? > reset password. Once at the reset password screen, enter email address and click submit.  Following the prompts to reset your password will be the final steps to activating your account.


Q: How do I find Technical Manuals?

A: Operator and Service manuals can be found under the Manuals selection on the webiste. Specific manuals can be searched by selecting options under the Snow Documents sub folders.

Q: How do I find my Truck Specific Information?


A: Selecting "Find My Truck" allows you to enter the Serial or Vin Number to look up purchaseable parts that are associated with your trucks Bill of Materials. When there is a parts book associated with your truck it will be available for viewing or download after the Serial or Vin has been entered.

Q: How do I get information to purchase a part.

A: A part that has a Request for Quote selection needs to be submitted in order to get the pricing information.  Multiple parts can be added to the Request for Quote prior to being submitted to the Oshkosh Sales Team. Once the pricing and inventory information has been updated, the sales team will notify you that the part information is available on the website.


Q: How do I save searched parts?

A: Parts can be added to "Saved Lists." These parts can either be added to the cart for purchase or be saved from a specific search.


Q: How can I order Multiple parts at one time?

A: Parts can be added to the cart from the "Saved Lists" or be added through the "Quick Order" option. This allows for 10 line items to be ordered and will add 10 more each time more lines are added. Quick Order allows for a download and import of a CSV file that can then be submitted.


Q: How do I check my order history?

A: Order History can be found under the user profile selection. Any order that has been procceded through the website will be able to produce an Excel file of order history and current status.